Canopy Support – Meet the Team

Debbie Wey

Debbie Wey

Debbie Wey, Vice President, MLS Administration

Debbie enjoys being an apostle for Canopy MLS. The favorite part of her job is “writing articles and speaking at real estate office sales meetings concerning MLS Rules and Regulations and the MLS system,” she says. In her position for 21 years, Debbie was born in Gastonia, North Carolina, and grew up about 1½ hours north in Mocksville. She moved to Charlotte after college and lives with her family in Tega Cay, South Carolina. Here’s more from Debbie.

How I help. Being responsible for delivery of MLS support, compliance administration, training and data licensing.

My inspiration. Every day is different. It is a pleasure getting to know the members and helping them overcome challenges so they can be successful.

What I like most. I enjoy educating members about MLS Rules and Regulations and how involved Canopy MLS staff are with NAR and other real estate industry associations. 

Favorite time. The rewarding feeling from volunteering for Realtors® Care Day is something I look forward to every year. I enjoy working alongside and supporting our members who volunteer to help deserving homeowners. 

Canopy’s secret sauce. Our commitment to excellence. We strive to provide the best products, services and customer service for our members.

Bryan Perkins

Bryan Perkins

Bryan Perkins, MLS Broker Relations Manager

A longtime technology training expert at Canopy MLS, Bryan enjoys “being in the trenches with Canopy members new or seasoned as they navigate all the tools they have to serve their clients.” A native of Music City (Nashville, Tenn.), he’s been humming along in the Queen City area since high school. A devoted Canopy employee for more than 21 years, Bryan shares more of his views below.

How I help. Through training members on Matrix and other MLS tools, as well as promoting and facilitating such educational opportunities.

My inspiration. It’s anytime we have an opportunity to enrich the Canopy experience with the membership. My “cup is filled” by the realization that someone sees value in the Canopy team.

What I like most. I see myself as a teammate to our members. It is always great to know that we are giving our members the best service while always striving to be better when there is opportunity.

Favorite story. The best stories I have are the ones that start on the first day that a member signs up with Canopy MLS to when the agent is trained and goes on to achieve success as a practitioner. Great to know that they ‘made it,’ with a little help from me.

Canopy’s secret sauce. We use modern approaches to provide tried-and-true personal service.

Amy Davis

Amy Davis

Amy Davis, Training and MLS Support Specialist

With nearly 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, Amy says the favorite part of her job is “helping our members.” She joined the staff in September 2015 when the MLS she worked for merged with Canopy MLS. A Rochester, Michigan, native, she grew up in the great metropolis of Horse Shoe, N.C. “Seriously, don’t blink or you will miss it,” she quips. Here’s Amy in her own words.

How I help. By providing training opportunities and support for Matrix and other Canopy-provided technology tools. 

My inspiration. As once a member of another association, I understand the frustrations of needing help but not knowing where to find it. My motivation is making sure members have a better experience than I did. My goal is to make “the computer stuff” easy so Realtors® can get out the door and help their clients.

What I like most. I know it sounds simple, but being able to help. No matter how experienced agents are with our system, or what projects they are juggling, I know I can make it better if I have the chance.

Favorite story. I once did a training class in an office lobby because the company’s classroom space wasn’t set up yet. The chairs were full, the floor was full, and people were trying to balance laptops on their laps. Their BIC (broker in charge) told everyone they should come to every single class that I teach, because there is always something new to learn. He promised he would be there, too, in the front row. Guess what? 10-plus years later, he still comes to all of my classes.

Canopy’s secret sauce. First of all, our members have such a heart to give back to their communities. Then, you add our staff team that works hard every day to give our members what they need to support their communities. It’s a fantastic place to be, and one where I am very grateful to be of service.

Caroline Grubb

Caroline Grubb

Caroline Grubb, MLS Technology Trainer

“Seeing the lightbulb go off when a member learns something new and realizes how this knowledge can be applied and help set them apart” is how Caroline describes the best part of her job. She is a longtime contract employee at Canopy. “I’ve been fortunate to offer training at Canopy off and on for at least 27 years — more on than off the last 18,” she says. Born and raised in Baltimore, Caroline notes more about herself below.

How I help. By educating members on how to use the great technology tools Canopy MLS offers.

My inspiration. It’s always in the back of my mind that I’m able to do what I do because of the members. I’m here because they are here and I’m grateful for the continued flow of new members and new technology to share.

What I like most. The eagerness of members to learn all Canopy has to offer.

Favorite story. At a recent Expo, I ran into a member and we talked about the MLS-Touch phone app. I realized the member hadn’t set up branding and didn’t know about some of the great functions of the app. Later that day, I followed up via email with links to videos with the how-to’s and other information. The member replied back that everything was now set up and they appreciated the additional information and were so glad to have stopped by our table at the Expo.

Canopy’s secret sauce. I love the diversity, the forward thinking, the focus on giving back to the community and the lack of complacency at Canopy.

Bridgette Bouvier

Bridgett Bouvier

Bridgett Bouvier, MLS Training, Compliance and Data Licensing Administrator

When Bridgett teaches classes on Supra eKEY, she hands out her direct number to assist Canopy MLS members. “If they have issues, and clients are standing behind them, they can get assistance right away,” she says. Born and raised in Los Gatos, California, Bridgett has thrived on training and supporting members at Canopy since January 2018. “I thoroughly enjoy seeing an agent light up when they have that ah-ha moment,” she says. Here’s a closer look in her own words.  

How I help. By providing in-office and Zoom training on Supra and training videos on compliance. Also by reviewing MLS listings for inappropriate branding and compliance with fair housing and website rules and regulations. 

My inspiration. Life in general can be challenging, and offering some genuine care for the member’s day and experience is important to me. 

What I like most. Each person responds differently to technology. Moving slowly through steps of a process and encouraging a member along the way is rewarding; the faster-paced member may only need my answers in bullets. Regardless, I enjoy each member and their uniqueness. 

Favorite story. Recently, a member in the Spartanburg MLS, who is also a member with Canopy MLS, had a cooperating key with Canopy MLS. She was trying to get into a Canopy MLS keybox and her eKEY app was not responding correctly. I accessed our SupraNet to see her cooperating key was no longer in our system. Within five minutes, I reestablished her cooperating key. She said, “You’re a life saver. My clients were about to walk in the door.” 

Canopy’s secret sauce. The Canopy family culture radiates through the entire company. Opportunities for personal and professional growth arise each year. I truly believe every person on the Canopy team cares about each member/subscriber.