NAR Proposed Settlement Resources

This page contains resources from NAR and Canopy ranging from videos, statements, FAQ’s, and interviews done by Anne Marie DeCatsye, CEO, to provide the most accurate information about the proposed NAR settlement.

Canopy’s communication efforts and Resource regarding NAR proposed settlement

Charisma Southerland, president of Canopy Realtor® Association/Canopy MLS, shares Canopy’s perspective on the NAR proposed settlement, Buyer Agency Agreements, prioritizing conversations with your clients about the services Realtors® provide and compensation.

Mar 22, 2024

Kevin Sears: Discussing Key Settlement Considerations and Ongoing Advocacy Efforts On the Road

Mar 21, 2024

Canopy addresses media coverage with the facts and conducting interviews

The media’s portrayal of the proposed NAR settlement, announced March 15, which would put an end to the litigation of claims brought on behalf of home sellers nationwide related to broker commissions, has been cloudy at best.  While the proposed settlement is still subject to court approval and therefore not final, Canopy has been proactively monitoring these court cases and planning for various outcomes for quite some time, one of which was the possibility that compensation through the MLS would ultimately be eliminated.



Additional resources from NAR:

Request a legal landscape presentation

Anne Marie DeCatsye, CEO, and Michele McCaskill, VP of Risk Management and Assistant General Counsel, are making presentations to firms in person and virtually. The presentation provides an overview of the current legal landscape, the impact these lawsuits will have on NAR and Canopy, what the future could look like for both organizations, and the importance of demonstrating, to consumers, the value the Realtor® brings to each real estate transaction.

If you are interested in having a presentation scheduled, please contact Danielle Melendez.