Amy Davis

Amy Davis           

Training and MLS Support Specialist

With nearly 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, Amy says the favorite part of her job is “helping our members.” She joined the staff in September 2015 when the MLS she worked for merged with Canopy MLS. A Rochester, Michigan, native, she grew up in the great metropolis of Horse Shoe, N.C. “Seriously, don’t blink or you will miss it,” she quips. Here’s Amy in her own words.

How I help. By providing training opportunities and support for Matrix and other Canopy-provided technology tools. 

My inspiration. As once a member of another association, I understand the frustrations of needing help but not knowing where to find it. My motivation is making sure members have a better experience than I did. My goal is to make “the computer stuff” easy so Realtors® can get out the door and help their clients.

What I like most. I know it sounds simple, but being able to help. No matter how experienced agents are with our system, or what projects they are juggling, I know I can make it better if I have the chance.

Favorite story. I once did a training class in an office lobby because the company’s classroom space wasn’t set up yet. The chairs were full, the floor was full, and people were trying to balance laptops on their laps. Their BIC (broker in charge) told everyone they should come to every single class that I teach, because there is always something new to learn. He promised he would be there, too, in the front row. Guess what? 10-plus years later, he still comes to all of my classes.

Canopy’s secret sauce. First of all, our members have such a heart to give back to their communities. Then, you add our staff team that works hard every day to give our members what they need to support their communities. It’s a fantastic place to be, and one where I am very grateful to be of service.