Bridgett Bouvier
MLS Training, Compliance and Data Licensing Administrator

When Bridgett teaches classes on Supra eKEY, she hands out her direct number to assist Canopy MLS members. “If they have issues, and clients are standing behind them, they can get assistance right away,” she says. Born and raised in Los Gatos, California, Bridgett has thrived on training and supporting members at Canopy since January 2018. “I thoroughly enjoy seeing an agent light up when they have that ah-ha moment,” she says. Here’s a closer look in her own words.


How I help. By providing in-office and Zoom training on Supra and training videos on compliance. Also by reviewing MLS listings for inappropriate branding and compliance with fair housing and website rules and regulations.


My inspiration. Life in general can be challenging, and offering some genuine care for the member’s day and experience is important to me.


What I like most. Each person responds differently to technology. Moving slowly through steps of a process and encouraging a member along the way is rewarding; the faster-paced member may only need my answers in bullets. Regardless, I enjoy each member and their uniqueness.


Favorite story. Recently, a member in the Spartanburg MLS, who is also a member with Canopy MLS, had a cooperating key with Canopy MLS. She was trying to get into a Canopy MLS keybox and her eKEY app was not responding correctly. I accessed our SupraNet to see her cooperating key was no longer in our system. Within five minutes, I reestablished her cooperating key. She said, “You’re a life saver. My clients were about to walk in the door.”


Canopy’s secret sauce. The Canopy family culture radiates through the entire company. Opportunities for personal and professional growth arise each year. I truly believe every person on the Canopy team cares about each member/subscriber.