Bryan Perkins

Bryan Perkins

MLS Broker Relations Manager

 A longtime technology training expert at Canopy MLS, Bryan enjoys “being in the trenches with Canopy members new or seasoned as they navigate all the tools they have to serve their clients.” A native of Music City (Nashville, Tenn.), he’s been humming along in the Queen City area since high school. A devoted Canopy employee for more than 21 years, Bryan shares more of his views below.

 How I help. Through training members on Matrix and other MLS tools, as well as promoting and facilitating such educational opportunities.

 My inspiration. It’s anytime we have an opportunity to enrich the Canopy experience with the membership. My “cup is filled” by the realization that someone sees value in the Canopy team.

 What I like most. I see myself as a teammate to our members. It is always great to know that we are giving our members the best service while always striving to be better when there is opportunity.

 Favorite story. The best stories I have are the ones that start on the first day that a member signs up with Canopy MLS to when the agent is trained and goes on to achieve success as a practitioner. Great to know that they ‘made it,’ with a little help from me.

 Canopy’s secret sauce. We use modern approaches to provide tried-and-true personal service.