Caroline Grubb

Caroline Grubb

MLS Technology Trainer

 “Seeing the lightbulb go off when a member learns something new and realizes how this knowledge can be applied and help set them apart” is how Caroline describes the best part of her job. She is a longtime contract employee at Canopy. “I’ve been fortunate to offer training at Canopy off and on for at least 27 years — more on than off the last 18,” she says. Born and raised in Baltimore, Caroline notes more about herself below.

 How I help. By educating members on how to use the great technology tools Canopy MLS offers.

 My inspiration. It’s always in the back of my mind that I’m able to do what I do because of the members. I’m here because they are here and I’m grateful for the continued flow of new members and new technology to share.

 What I like most. The eagerness of members to learn all Canopy has to offer.

 Favorite story. At a recent Expo, I ran into a member and we talked about the MLS-Touch phone app. I realized the member hadn’t set up branding and didn’t know about some of the great functions of the app. Later that day, I followed up via email with links to videos with the how-to’s and other information. The member replied back that everything was now set up and they appreciated the additional information and were so glad to have stopped by our table at the Expo.

 Canopy’s secret sauce. I love the diversity, the forward thinking, the focus on giving back to the community and the lack of complacency at Canopy.